Director of Public Security
H.E General Khalid bin Qarar Al-Harbi

About PSD

In 1369 H a royal decree issued ratified the Public Security Department system which include Security Department and its formation ,duties ,business rules ,rules of investigation and criminal procedure to be followed and other systems necessary for the conduct of security work, that system was relevant for the stage which the Kingdom reached , inasmuch of security and stability , the Directorate continued in its specialization with some expansion of departments and divisions, created in its forms a police school, as supplemented by the Presidency of the Pan-type teams and Hospice and orphanage, as Introduced several improvements on the directorate systems by creating new police stations in Saudi towns and villages and brought for them a number of experts and teachers of Arabic countries to contribute to the development of the police operations, a number of missions were also sent from Saudi security agents abroad to specialize in Police Affairs and Public security, since the public security service is one of the most important service in the country, in making out the solemn responsibility of keeping regime and public security and implement the systems was evident that organizational elements of the greatest care to be able to perform its responsibilities in ease based on Modern management elements, thus the Public Security Directorate continue in its development and reorganized several times, and during the security development, its work was carbonated and management development and its service became independent departments , associated with the Interior Ministry directly like the Civil Defense ,General detective and King Fahd Security College and private security forces and prisons and other.


Special Forces for emergencies was issued responsible for keeping order and preventing unrest and equipped in special equipment and supported by the means and potential requirements, further in participation in caring for pilgrims.


Special Forces have also been established for road safety in order to achieve comprehensive security on public roads in the Kingdom; also a general traffic department was established to supervise the work of assigned traffic in various parts of the Kingdom.


The prison services also established turned to the General Directorate for prisons and then separated from public security in the Interior Ministry directly in (1423H) and in communications field an operation rooms were prepared, Equipped with modern communication devices to achieve fast communication between police departments in various parts of the Kingdom in addition to short range communication devices for securing communication between patrols inside cities and sophisticated surveillance devices.


In the scope of training, the Directorate concerned this side, creating general management for training to develop training programs and organizing the scholarship for officers and individuals to acquire more knowledge and specialization and supervise public security training cities which established as integral cities for servicing departments and branches of public security.


Public security service is a modern integrated service in terms of formations and composition of his men and working methods and devices used in it keeps the overall cultural renaissance Kingdom and meets the needs of society and its variables.